Duke R. Ligon joined PJ SOLOMON as a Senior Advisor in 2017 with nearly fifty years of experience in the energy sector.


Currently the principal owner and CEO of Mekusukey Oil Company, Duke spent much of his career as a senior executive, general counsel and member of the management committee of Devon Energy Corporation. Prior to joining Devon Energy, Duke held senior leadership positions at Bankers Trust Company in New York, where he ran the Global Energy Merchant Banking business and Mayer, Brown & Platt and Bracewell & Patterson, where he was a senior partner.Duke has also held several government positions, including posts at the Federal Energy Administration (predecessor to the U.S. Department of Energy) and as Energy Advisor to Treasury Secretary, John Connelly, among other positions.


Mr. Ligon received a Bachelor of Arts from Westminster College and a Juris Doctor degree from University of Texas School of Law.

Professional Affiliations

Since retiring from Devon Energy, Duke has served on numerous corporate and advisory boards, which, past and present, include: BlueKnight Energy Partners, Emerald Oil and Gas, Heritage Trust Company, Horsham Corporation, LegalShield, MidOcean Partners, Orion California, Panhandle Oil and Gas, Pardus Oil and Gas, Post Rock Energy Partners, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Security State Bank, Steelpath MLP Funds, System One Services, Teppco Partners, Tarragon Oil and Gas, TransMontaigne Partners and Vantage Drilling Company.

Not-For-Profit Affiliations

Duke serves on the boards of several charitable organizations including: the Major Gifts Committee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, various Board Committees of the University of Texas Law School and a number of Oklahoma based-charities.